One bag for a new beginning

I have an older sister. In my case, this meant that during my childhood and teenage I got to wear the clothes that didn’t fit her anymore. And that’s why nowadays I’m a shopaholic and I love to keep pretty bags from famous stores. This is not a parenting blog but if you are reading this and you have kids, buy new stuff for each of them. This should save them a lot of money when they will be older.

As the years passed and my salary increased, my closet got stuffed with a lot of goodies. Pretty expensive ones. Today I learned that they are useless. This is not a spiritual blog, I just gave birth and my clothes are so useless right now. I know, you are probably saying that is just a matter of time until I get back in shape but the “problem” is that I don’t want to. All my life  I wanted to gain weight and I couldn’t (weird metabolism) – now I’m happy with my extra 22 lbs.

Soon I will be permanently relocating to another country and for the beginning, I can only carry one bag. Medium sized. One bag. That kind of bag that a fashionista uses for a 3 days’ holiday. So I had to choose the most important things I own. Challenging moments, because everything I own is important. However, I must admit that those extra 22 pounds made things easier for me, because none of my pair of jeans would fit me. And I have a lot of jeans. It was like a jeans party in my closet.

I decided to pack 3-4 shirts, dresses, t-shirts and a couple of pants. And a leather jacket. I could have taken more but I had to fit in some shoes and also my perfumes, make-up and…breastfeeding pajamas!

My bag isn’t ready yet but I think I will have some problems in zipping it althought my perception is that I left almost all my belongings in a room.

However, my mind and soul glitter because a new beginning  is waiting for me far away from here! 2000 km away! I can almost touch it. And the part with only one bag made me understand that material stuff isn’t important. Just joking, I will buy a whole new wardrobe as soon as I get there.



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