Goodbye blonde hair/don’t care

Two years ago I decided to ruin my beautiful long&black hair because I fell in love with an ash blonde shade of hair color. That kind of toxic love!


I was not sixteen anymore to experiment this by myself so I asked for professional help. Six months later and 3 or 4 visits to the hairstylist, my hair was way more shorter but still dark, with some light chestnut strands.


Disappointed and frustrated, although I knew that good things come to those who wait ( but for how long?!), I decided to be sixteen again! So I went to the supermarket, bought everything I needed to discolor my hair and a blonde hair dye. The result? An awful orange-ish dry hair:)) needless to say that it was a bad conclusion for my hairstyling adventure.


So I thought that the best thing to do was to paint my hair red and buy a bunch of expensive professional products in order to “heal my hair”. It was a good decision. But still – the ash blonde shade :)?



I decided to try one more time so I discolored my hair again and as I felt that my scalp was on fire I could see that my hair was finally light yellow. Yey! But the hair dye didn’t seem to make big changes so my look was:


Then, I discovered the purple shampoo, that magically erases the yellow shade. At this point, my hair finally had an ash blonde shade but I had problems with the uniformity of the color:


Fun fact: at a step away from my dream color, I got pregnant. This meant no decoloration, no hair die, actually no nothing. Leading to this, at the end of my pregnancy:


Today is the end of my ash blond era (for the moment). I couldn’t lie myself anymore that my hair looked good because it was obvious to everybody that the mix of colors in my hair wasn’t a balayage:) So I decided to go back to my roots and this is the result. After all, it really is the season of changes! New life, new hair color 🙂 Bye bye, ash blonde!



See you again next year:)


Main photo:

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