A definition of happiness

As I was telling you in my first blog post, I decided to start a new life abroad, far away from the people that I’m familiar with, giving up on my executive position in one of the biggest online publishing companies, wanting to recreate myself in a new environment, culture and social position – from Mademoiselle to Madame and from not being a mother to….being one :).

One year ago I was living a pretty chaotic life – working late hours, smoking a lot, eating unhealthy food (actually, eating wasn’t a priority) not drinking enough water but too much coffee. Today I wear a feeling of freedom. My life has changed and that same old story that I was living each and every day back home finally came to an end. I’m not a smoker anymore, I read the labels on the food I want to buy, I don’t eat candy or other sweets that are made of plastic and my level of happiness just….exploded.

I used to be a depressed person, forever complaining about something and not trying to change anything. Being in my late 20s, I felt lazy and tired, without lust for life and expectations. As a young professional, I used to be extremely ambitious and full of energy. One year ago I couldn’t find the strength to smile and to be excited about tomorrow. I’m sure that some of you are living the same story right now and think that you should change something but you don’t because you believe that it’s too late – how can a person that is almost 30 years old begin a new life by changing everything that he or she has ever known? Well, it is possible! It’s been 3 weeks since I begun to walk on this path and damn, it feels good!

I’m struggling to learn the language, I’m driving without a gps, I’m a full time mom and I’m learning to appreciate the beauty of a life that isn’t stuffed with business meetings, rush hours and junk food. And I’m smiling. A lot (although I left behind almost all of my clothes). I even received a letter from one of my neighbours. Everything is so bohemian here!

I honestly believe that every person needs a restart at least once in a lifetime. Otherwise, how can we possibly feel alive if we rewrite the same scenario over and over again? 🙂

À la prochaine!


Photo source: Pexels.com

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