Meeting Madame M.

In the past days, I learned that walking a baby makes you socially vulnerable. People now have a reason to approach you, start a conversation and even join you for a walk. I’m new in this neighborhood but I have already interacted (almost on a daily basis) with more than 5 people. Curious people. Who am I, why am I here, whom I’m married to, where do I live, how old is my baby and many other questions.

Because the last few years turned me into an introvert, each day I go out with my baby is a challenge. I hate updating my Facebook wall, uploading pictures, checking in into places. Why should I tell people things about me? You may ask me why have I decided to blog. Oh well, it’s a very interesting question. But since I don’t like questions, I’m not going to answer 😀

A few days ago, during one of my promenades, I met a Madame. My suspicious mind automatically thought that she had been secretly watching me for a while and decided to finally approach me. I was talking on the telephone with my sister but that didn’t matter and since I didn’t know how to say in her language that I’m busy, we began a conversation regarding my baby (of course). Even if I was talking stalwart and I really had a hard time doing that, she insisted on joining me for a walk. She told me that I have to speak if I want to learn the language and I agree on that but do I really have to expose my personal life? Yes, I do 🙂 But in exchange, I asked her to give me some personal details too. This is how I found out that Madame M. is 93 years old, that each morning she takes a short walk in the neighborhood and that she has 14 great-grandchildren.

At the end of our walk, I didn’t feel like crap. I actually enjoyed to tell her things about me. There was something about her that made me trust her. A few days later I baked her a cake and rang at her door. She was delighted. She didn’t invite me in but instead gave me a postcard with her beautiful garden, wrote her telephone number, a lovely message and asked me to call her to set a rendez-vous. Good opportunity to take back the plate on which I gave her the cake 😀

Most probably I will visit her next week. I will keep you posted!



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