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Winter fairytale in Metz, France

When I visited Metz for the first time, all I wanted was to leave as soon as possible. I felt suffocated by the crowds and noise. The city was so alive and I was so tired, so everything that surrounded me seemed aggressive for my sleep-deprived mind.

If you asked me yesterday about visiting Metz, I would say that it should be on your to-do-list in the Moselle department but not necessarily. Today, I would definitely encourage you to walk on its magical streets. It may be the Christmas spirit speaking but this city simply turned into a winter fairytale.

The Christmas markets popped out of nowhere as I was walking into the cold winter, softening the frosty degrees and drawing a pretty nice wonderland 🙂

It’s not the first time I visit Christmas markets this year, so the Glüwein, gingerbread, all sort of seafood and other specialties were already on my mind as I was walking through the stalls. But something really special caught my attention, as I was wandering the streets of Metz: the trail of lanterns and of course, the biiiiig wheel near the cathedral. 26133183_1655023017851445_1226724838_nmetz_226108213_1655023081184772_1035787025_o26134054_1655023054518108_1086508114_o metz_11metz_6metz_8metz_3Smetz_10


I’m not sure that Metz will melt my heart again next time I will visit it but I will be coming back 🙂




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