Test Drives

New year resolution: 12 drive tests with 12 of the most fashionista-friendly cars

The idea of blogging was always interesting for me but somehow it remained just a wish because I thought that if I don’t find something I’m really passionate about it makes no sense to take selfies and cool photographs just…because! I love, love makeup and fashion but I really felt that this was not enough for me to start and grow something. The beauty and fashion blogger is already a cliché.

At the end of 2017, as I was driving my car, I was trying to find something inspiring, that kind of something that I could bring in the digital world and make a difference. I admire a lot of Instagram accounts but all I see are beautiful girls in beautiful places wearing beautiful clothes. Everybody loves beauty, make-up, traveling, and fashion. This isn’t my niche, though.

The idea of searching the perfect fashionista-friendly car just popped as I was watching the traffic lights. I immediately contoured a plan in my mind: in 2018 I will test drive 12 cars that I think are suitable for women (I already have begun to ask my friends what are their inquiries when searching a new car). Women do search other things than dudes when buying a car. For example, for us is really, really important to have at least three mirrors in a car. And we’re not talking about the one from our purses.

I love cars as much as I love makeup and fashion, so my project is going to be about cars and beauty.  Stay tuned for some cool info on the right car for the everyday fashionista🤗!

Yours truly.


Photo Source: Pexels.com


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