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What do women want (from cars)?

There are zillion of online articles, books, editorials in magazines about the things that women want from guys. And although this subject has been hot since forever, women never found the perfect man (and we’re not talking about the honeymoon of the relation).

But what about cars? What do women want from cars? I barely found something on the internet about this subject. Nor in the car magazines (which are written for men, it’s sooo obvious). Ladies, if the perfect man doesn’t exist, the perfect car is out there and it’s waiting for you. Such as the men market, the car market is varied, complex and with different features😊 but with a difference! You can buy your dream car and add your favorite options (a thing you can’t do to the man of your dreams. If he acts like a pig, you can’t delete that « option »).

For so many years it has been such a big gap between women and cars. Nowadays, almost every one of us owns one. Do we know what to do when it doesn’t start? Do we know how many cylinders does the engine have? Or how to change a wheel? I think the answer is mostly « no« . We don’t care about all the technical bullshit drama. We don’t understand it and we don’t plan to.

What do women want from a car ? 

They don’t want a small car, contrary to what many believe. They want to feel safe. Many of them will tell you that an SUV would do a great job. Yes, there are many women scared of the experience of driving and that want a small car beause they think there are less chances to hit another car in the parking. But there is very important for them to feel safe. I owned a small car and when I drove it for the first time on a highway I felt like a leaf in the wind. I didn’t enjoy that feeling. At all.

Women want a beautiful car. The kind of car that sums up all the favorite bags and shoes in the world. As we have a highly aesthetic sense, we wouldn’t like to drive an ugly car.

Women want and need space. If the car is small, where will all those shopping bags fit in?! And if you’re a full time mom, you definetly need some extra space for the baby carseat and stroller.
Women like to keep it simple when it comes to the car board. Yes, there is a thing we like to keep simple, there you go🤗. Too many options would totally mess up our zen. Just give us music, GPS, bluetooth and cool buttons. This should do it:)

Of course, there are many other things that women want from cars and we are about to find them out in the next months. Stay tuned, January comes with the first drive test😎


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