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DS4, sugar on wheels

Let’s make it clear from the very beginning. This is not a technical and complex car review. This is my opinion, as a woman, about the DS4. Like many other women, I don’t care about the number of cylinders the engine has and a bunch of other things that men are crazy about and read in profile magazines. I and many other women want and need to know other things about a car, in order to buy it. We are not interested in cars, they are not shoes. We find cars expos boring and you see us there because our husbands/boyfriends dragged us there. If we are interested in a car, it’s because we want to buy it, we don’t just fool around like we do with bags in luxury shops😋

Before I began this project, I asked some of my girlfriends what do they look at when they want to buy a new car. Their answers were very similar so my reviews will be split into 4 big categories, the ones that really count for a woman when it comes to a purchase decision.  

Is this a beautiful car?

Yes❤. This is a stylish car with a very elegant design. If I would compare it with a fashion style, it would be a chic casual one. I absolutely love its design, it seems to have been polished by the most skilled craftsman. Its headlights seem to be a little enraged and this brings up some sexiness in the landscape. A thing that I really liked about the headlights is that they move along with the steering wheel. This is awesome because it gives you visibility in curves. Women love to have visibility when they drive.


When you look at this car, you might think that it has 3 doors. Ok…2 doors and the one that opens the trunk. Why do men say that a car has 3 or 5 doors🤔? You say that you open the trunk, not the door of the trunk, huh? Whatever, nevermind. So, when I will speak of doors, I will refer strictly to the doors that people use to get in a car. Therefore, you might think that the DS4 has 2 doors.


Because its design tells you this beautiful lie. Actually, the rear doors have hidden handles, so, yey, you can open them if you have to receive some guests in your car. The only inconvenience is that the rear windows do not open. This is a good thing if you have kids and…it doesn’t matter if you don’t. I never opened the rear windows. Never ever.


The back of the car looks really cool and feminine👌. The real benefit of a hatchback car (the trunk is like a loggia…) is that you don’t have to worry about parking issues, because you see in the rearview mirror how close you are to an obstacle. So most probably you won’t hit something. Most probably.


The DS4 looks like a small SUV and this is a thing that we, women, really love when it comes to cars.

In conclusion, the DS4 is a very beautiful car, a perfect match for a fashionista.


Is this a safe car?

I don’t know if this car is safe, but I feel safe when I drive it. And when I say safe, I mean that the bigger cars don’t move this car when they pass by. Another thing that is very important for me and for women, generally speaking, is the feeling of power when hitting the throttle. We often find ourselves on the inadequate lane so we need a powerful car to make sure that we can slide faster when needed. Also, we need that sense of power on the highway acceleration lane 😀 The DS4 I tested had the smallest engine: 1.2L. And it felt just fine when I hit the throttle.😎


Also, I felt safe because the car didn’t seem to break into pieces at a higher speed, it had enough power to climb the slopes without « holding its breath » and it didn’t slip when the road was wet even though I was driving a curved road.


Anothing little detail that made my day was that the wing mirrors had sensors. A small orange dot lit up if a car was too close. This is a wow factor for women, when it comes to safety. Because we don’t always fit out correctly the outside rear-view mirrors. So there are moments when we say: « Oh shit, I didn’t see that car, what a good thing I did by staying on this lane ».


Number of airbags? We don’t care. We know they are there, it s cool.

You might ask me if the car body is strong enough – women search this feature when thinking of buying a car. I don’t know, I don’t think I was allowed to hit the car with a brick😁

Is this car easy to drive?

Among many, many things I love about this car is the one that I can select what I want to see in the centre of the speedometer, therefore in front of my eyes. The most appealing option to me was the one that showed me the speed, in a digital way. I always found it hard to pay attention to the speedometer.


The tachometer indicates you the gear in which you should be. So you don’t have to « listen » or « feel » the engine, you can play your favorite music without being afraid you may feel a hot smell. Thank you, DS❤👌

Speaking about speed, I must tell you that you have an option called cruise control, which is a servomechanism that takes over the throttle of the car to maintain a steady speed as set by the driver. This is interesting, but I found it hard to use because each time I hit the break, the cruise mode was put on pause and I had to un-pause it often, although I was driving on a highway with moderate traffic. In an ideal world, without traffic – yes, it could be a good option. On the other hand, you have the option to choose the maximum speed you want to travel with. Pretty cool feature.👍


There are commands for the radio, volume and speaker, you can find them on the steering wheel. Not a wow feature, I’m not going to dedicate a lot of time to this subject, but it’s nice to know that you have everything you need within your reach. Handling a phone and a car in th same time could be difficult for many of us, women.

The « downtown » of the dashboard is represented by a wide screen which looks really cool. This car has a beautiful indoor design:). However, during my driving test I couldn’t use that screen as much as I would have wanted because it wasn’t in my visual area. I was supposed to look down and to take my eyes from the road each time I wanted to watch at the screen. Ladies, you understand me, it was very difficult. Ok, this is not such a big deal because you can select to see in the centre of the speedometer the GPS indications, for instance. But it would have been great if the screen had been placed where the fans are.

26755541_10213023262527691_1227719476_n (1)


What does this button do?

I must admit that this is one of my favorite questions when it comes to cars😊. The most important one from the picture below is the one that opens the fuel tank.



Also, there are two buttons that help you adjust the wing mirrors. I found it hard to figure out HOW. You must slide right or left the first button, to select the mirror you want to adjust and afterwards you play with that thing that looks like a button from a gamepad.



When you look up, you can’t see that the sky is the limit, but you see 2 awesome buttons, which you can press if you have a problem and you want to get in touch with somebody from the DS team. This is so cool, a very suitable option for women. It’s comforting to know that help is one button away 🙂 .


Is this car spacious?

Not really. Which is not a bad thing. I think it has enough room for one person to feel « free » inside of the car. The idea of space is emphasized by the extending panoramic windscreen. It really makes you feel awesome.


The trunk seemed to be too little at first glance but I could fit in all my shopping bags so  can’t say I have a problem with it.

From my point of view this is one of the most fashionista friendly cars. It’s really beautiful, glamorous and determined to give you an awesome driving experience.


I would leave here the technical specifications but I know you are not interested. Ask your car dealer 🤗


The photoshoot took place in Vianden, a town in north-eastern Luxembourg, which is well known for its impressive castle and beautiful location in the Our Valley.



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