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Citroën C4 Grand Picasso: the frog that actually was a prince

The first thing I said when I saw this car was « OMG it’s so ugly I can’t drive it« . But because in general, the things I hated the most became my favorite ones, I decided to give this car a chance.

Being a fashionista doesn’t exclude having kids. And when you have them, you WANT a big car. To fit all those apparently useless stuff that actually your kids really need. You must be prepared for every scenario (kid spills milk on clothes, kid loves mud, that kind of things). That’s why moms do need a lot of gear. Men will never understand.

As I was scouting for a car that would be suitable for a fashionista mom, I took into consideration also a BMW and a VW. Both SUV models. I won’t point fingers but damn, there wasn’t enough space. Although they seem to be very spacious, you could easily think that you are in a small car once you got into them. So if you have three kids, for example, instead of buying a bus, take a look at this C4 Grand Picasso. You’ll get to love it once you’ll drive it.

So, as you already know, my review will be split into categories, the ones that really count for a woman when it comes to a purchase decision.

Is this a beautiful car?

No. I find it very ugly. At a first glance. After I saw it a couple of times I reached the conclusion that it’s ok, I can live with the idea of seeing it every day. Love takes time and patience.

I can’t find anything feminine about it excepting the cute curved head and rear lights. Ok, ok, maybe I’m too picky. I must admit it, for the awesome comfort it offers it could have been a box with wheels so I appreciate the design effort.

Is this a safe car?

Yes, I felt safe in this car. It gave me the sensation of being in a cozy, on wheels living room. This car is a well-built bodyguard. When you hit the throttle you might roll your eyes and say « oh….you lazy bitch » but if you buy this car I guess you don’t want to race with the bad boys. Also, you may wanna slow down in curves because at a higher speed you might feel some instability under the wheels. But this is a common thing for MPVs and yet again, this is a family car so I bet you are not interested in speeding up.

Parking an MPV could be a challenge for a woman so GOOD NEWS: this car has sensors both in the front and in the back AND on one of the screens placed on the dashboard (yes, there are two of them) you can see what happens with your car and the surroundings when you park. These features should transform you into a parking goddess.

Another cool thing, that helps you stay safe, is the enormous visibility that you get when you drive this car. It has a panoramic windscreen, which is a huge plus for us, women, and big windows, which makes this car to be overwhelmed with light.


Find out more about how safe the car you want to buy on https://www.euroncap.com/en

Is this car easy to drive?

After the driving test, I remember telling to my husband that I felt like a bus driver in a coupé. I think this pretty much answers the question. Although you have a big volume under control, it’s a pleasure to drive it.  It overthrows wind and road noise in an excellent way. I can easily tell that this is the perfect car for a mom. When you have three screaming kids in the back seats of your car is very important to stay relaxed. And no, a car won’t help you do that but it can ease your life behind the wheel.


I absolutely, absolutely, absolutely love the 2 big screens on the dashboard and the mix of angles, curves, and shapes. Everything is so eye-catching that I must say that this dashboard is almost more charming than the one in a premium car.


Big cars come with great space and this one comes with an impressive storage – no less than four storage area and two lidded cubbyholes. I really love coffee when it’s not spilled and having so many options to store it makes me confident that in more than 98% of the cases will stay in its cup.

From my point of view, everything is placed where it should suppose to be in order to offer comfort and visibility so that you can concentrate on the road. For example, you can easily follow the GPS and have control of your speed by looking in the same way.

The buttons from the steering wheel control a range of stuff you would like to do while you’re driving so that you won’t have to lean to touch the screen.

I left the wow factor at the end and I want to write it with caps lock (and bold)  because it’s an awesome feature. YOU DON’T NEED THE KEY TO OPEN, CLOSE, START OR STOP THE CAR. The only thing you have to do is to keep it in your purse. Yes, as simple as that. This is a mother’s dream.

I will not go into details, you can find all the captivating facilities here (by selecting your country and of course, C4 Picasso model).

Is this car spacious?

I think the answer to this question is pretty clear. YES. It’s a very spacious car, a perfect match for your family. You can easily carry  7 passengers! You wouldn’t tell, would you?

So, there are two rows of seats, the one in the middle having plenty of space for the passenger’s feet. Thanks to the extra distance between the front and rear wheels.


All the back seats recline for extra comfort and moms, are you ready? you can find Isofix gear on all the second-row seats.

The seats in the boot can be easily folded when you don’t have to carry many passengers so voilà, extra space for shopping bags 😀 And when you want to get some time for yourself (yeah right) you can squeeze those fashion shopping bags in the boot by folding the second row of seats.


I will skip the question « What does this button do » because everything inside is so intuitive that you don’t need me to emphasize some wow stuff.

I’m really happy I drove this car. If I would have seen it parked somewhere I wouldn’t have thought to buy it. Ladies, this is an awesome mom gear, do not overlook it. Embrace this option, kiss the frog🐸









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