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Hyundai Kona: acid yellow reverie

Messy bun, yoga pants, loose shirt, sunglasses and no makeup. Look like this and you won’t turn heads (or maybe you will but to the other side). Look like this and drive an acid yellow Hyundai Kona. Boom. You’re the sexiest chick in the intersection. Ladies, this car makes you even more beautiful than you are.


I spent a weekend with an impressive Hyundai Kona and I must tell you that I had so much fun I’m thinking of buying one. It’s super easy to drive and meets up many of the expectations I have from a car.

From my point of view, Hyundai KONA is a perfect match for a woman. Why? See below😊

Is this car beautiful?

No, this car is gorgeous and it has that quelque chose that makes it really appealing to both men and women: during the photoshoot a well-dressed man came and asked for details about the car as he thought it looked pretty impressive🤗. While I was in a store and my husband waited for me in the car he told me that an elegant lady was so impressed by Hyundai KONA that she could barely take her eyes off it (you might ask yourself, what if she couldn’t take her eyes off my husband? Well, he was sitting on the backseats and the rear windows were tinted so she couldn’t see him😝)

This car is an excellent accessory for a fashion lover and will always make you feel as a confident beauty queen (even if you have a bad hair day).

Those beautiful, subtle daylight led headlights look like a perfect winged eyeliner and emphasize the traits of this well-designed car with impressive style. Also, they look so beautiful when they are lit. In addition, you have the benefit of a greater visibility at night thanks to the extra two headlights you can find on each side of the whatever they call it sort of a grille with logo.

The color, oh well…this is my favorite color so I must say that I was very excited to drive a car painted in it. You don’t see many vehicles that come in this « flavor » so this makes it unique. And because we, women, always search for that thing that will make a difference, this car is definitely something we want in our lives.

The back of this car has a kiss my ass attitude, and I absolutely love it. Actually, I think that the car has the allure and looks of a super-in-control chick and this is one of the most important benefits brought by Hyundai KONA. The sense of power. This car is like a motivational quote on a Monday morning.

Is this a safe car?

Ladies, we share the same fears when it comes to driving. I know how important it is for you to feel 101% safe in a car. I must tell you that the Hyundai KONA is an awesome example of a car in which you feel secure. It’s like a personal bodyguard.

Driving this car gives you a confidence boost. It is very responsive so you won’t have problems when overtaking, accelerating or changing lanes.

The Hyundai KONA I tested had the smallest engine, 1 L. And it was strong enough for my tastes.

When women talk about safety and cars, they often bring up the subject of parking issues. Many of the small accidents happen during this maneuver so I must mention the options that this car gives you when it comes to stationing.

The rear camera will prevent you from hitting the car, fence, wall or you name it behind your car. If you slide in the direction shown on the display you should be succesful. Personally, I found it a little bit hard to guide myself like this so I always chose the classic « window » method: park somewhere you can see your car’s reflection. It’s the best camera for women😁

When in parking mode you don’t have any idea of what’s happening in front of your car. Perhaps there are some sensors but this car doesn’t deserve a scratch so I didn’t try to approach the obstacle in front of me. Anyway, you can always opt for this kind of stuff, so don’t worry. They are like jewelry. You can put it on and then take it off.

Another cool thing about safety and Hyundai Kona is a sort of automatic pilot that will actually drive the car. Yeah, it’ll take curves too. So if you have a hard day (or a screaming baby in the backseat of the car) and you’re not really in the mood for driving, you can activate this thing. Of course, I’m sure no woman would take her hands off the steering wheel but it’s nice to know that you can relax while driving. Also, this feature is really cool by night, when the visibility is not that good. If the car leaves the lane a beep will let you know that you are not on the right track.

Also regarding safety, check the NCAP results for this car: 5 of 5 stars. Very good! https://www.euroncap.com/en/results/hyundai/kona/29609

Is this car easy to drive?

This car is so easy to drive that it drives itself like I already said. So A++, lovely Hyundai Kona, and chapeau bas! from all of us, women. I was ready to experience some harsh moments before I got used to the car but the car seemed to have been tailored for me. I felt like we knew each other from a long-time ago. Yes, the same thing you said to your true love at the beginning of your relationship😊

One of the coolest things about this car is that you find many buttons that switch on automated stuff. Such as headlights that adjust depending on the light, smart windshield wipers that turn on when the rain starts or cruise/limit control.

Visibility really matters to women when it comes to cars and this is, after all, an SUV. Good news: you are not on top of the world when you drive it but you are definitely on top of the highway. Welcome, panoramic view.

As you already know, while driving, I’m a huge fan of digitally displayed info right in front of my eyes. Hyundai KONA is really good at this, by giving you the answers to questions like… How many km do I have until I must search for fuel or my favorite one: What’s my speed?

I must mention that I had to look down to see the info so that’s a minus from me but hey, you can’t have them all. The good thing is that you can limit your speed (yeah, one of the automatic stuff I love about this car) so you won’t have to worry about breaking any rules.

Another thing is that I felt a little bit like in London when I realized that the speed controls were on the right of the steering wheel and the ones for radio an volume were on the left side. It’s the first time, I see this mise en place.

Also, I must tell you that it was a bit difficult for me to use the speed limit option because I had to press three buttons which weren’t positioned in a logical way (yet again, for me). Of course, you also have the cruise option, right near the limit one but I avoided it. It makes no sense for me. And probably other women will agree. We tend to hit the breaks often so… Bye, bye, cruise control!

About the display…I love it, perfect positioning on the dashboard. If you want to see something while driving, all you have to do is to gently slide your eyes. It’s super convenient.

Women need two important things when they drive: navigation and music. The fact that you can connect your phone through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay apps it’s a delight. I’m used to Google Maps so it’s easier for me to follow the instructions(yes, I’m a mess when it comes to GPS). And of course, I enjoy listening to my favorite music.

The only downside of this app is that you can’t actually use your phone. You can’t use your phone while plugged and the display restricts the access to games and social media. So you can operate navigation, calls, and music. I think this is just about it. No Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, you name it. Which is actually a good thing. When you drive, you shouldn’t text.

It’s also worth mentioning the start-stop button and the « nomad » car key. The « where did I put the car key, my bag is too big » will become a thing of the past. If you have the car key… somewhere near you, you will be able to open and start your KONA. What a delight! 😍

I’m a detail lover. And I discovered something so subtle that put a smile on my face. The handles (those things you clic-clac to wash your windshield or play with your headlights) are designed in such a way that you have the impression they take the shape of your fingers. Using them gives you a lovely feeling😊

Is this car spacious?

Yes. I think it has the right amount of space for a woman. It’s a big car but not big enough to scratch in the indoor parking, for example.

It doesn’t have a panoramic windscreen so what you see is what you get. No optical illusions.

There is plenty of space in the back, where you can easily fit in a husband and a baby in his or her car seat – they will feel comfortable even on long distances.

The trunk is big enough to shelter your shopping bags but not if you also have a stroller

with you😀

I think that’s about it, these are the highlights about Hyundai KONA as a women-friendly car.

The weekend spent with my acid yellow dream was like a morning in a lavish hotel overlooking the Eiffel Tower. A modern fairytale.

And I would do it over and over again❤️👑

Special thanks to Autopolis, my partner for this test drive!


Strasbourg, France


Luxembourg, Luxembourg



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