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Spring Kuga inspiration

Imagine hitting the throttle and feeling like being in a plane that is taking off. As you already know, I love powerful cars and one of the ‘musts‘ on my list when it comes to picking up favorites is their ability to work with higher speed in fewer seconds. I’m not saying that Ford Kuga is a racing car, but it has what a lady wants in matter of speeding.

Below you can find my review for Ford Kuga 2017, a popular SUV among both women and men.

Is this car beautiful?

This car has the girl next door appearance. I find it beautiful in an innocent way, like a flower that is about to blossom and an urban definition of a homemade lasagna (or any other dish you might prefer).


I wouldn’t say it’a rare beauty but it’s « unique in its own way ». Am I right, ladies? I know you can cope with this expression.


Overall, I’m looking at a car that is designed in a very acceptable way, covering a big range of tastes. I would name it « the little black dress » of my project.

Is this safe car?

You already know that a lady feels safer in bigger cars. Driving a Ford Kuga empowers you. While I was driving this car I didn’t feel anything disturbing, such as low stability in curves, bad suspensions or laziness following any of my commands.


Ford Kuga also has stunning safety credentials: it gained the full five stars in its Euro NCAP safety assessments, and it’s one of the few cars to have scored 100% for its safety assistance technology.

This car comes with skid-preventing electronic stability control, many airbags, a seatbelt warning for every seat and of course, cruise control with a speed limiter.

Therefore, ladies, you can trust this car not only for you but also for your family. Many of you who have kids search to buy really safe cars. Ford Kuga is one of them.


When it comes to the sensitive parking subject, this car offers a ‘hot‘ package (optional but worth mentioning it) that even indicates if you pass by a parking slot that is appropriate for the car. Can you imagine how cool this feature is ? How many times did you try to park your car in a place that wasn’t big enough? Or… How many times you DIDN’T park because you didn’t think that’s enough room? Yeap. Many times. I thought so.


Of course, there are a bunch of sensors that guide you through the process and also a rear camera.

Also regarding safety, I must mention another optional feature yet very important for us, women: The Driver Assistance Pack. It offers autonomous braking, lane-keeping assistance, traffic-sign recognition, auto-adjusted headlights and a driver-alert system that suggests you to take a break if you get too tired. You can also add Ford’s blind-spot warning system and voilà, Kuga should be a very safe car indeed!

Is this car easy to drive?

Like the other SUVs, Ford Kuga offers a lovely view of the road and because visibility is very important for us, women, the driving part becomes easier when we have a good perspective of the traffic.

30714286_10213746293723019_8464318949054480384_n (1)-01

From the point of view of driving per se, Kuga is a very good companion for your journey. But when it comes to the dashboard, I felt a little bit puzzled. Personally, I like a dashboard for dummies, AKA a few big buttons + big LCD with large fonts. Kuga has a lot of buttons and a not so friendly display for those like me. Of course, the delicate fingers of a woman can be very precise. But while driving I wouldn’t bet on that happening.

On the other hand, there is this area in front of the steering wheel that gives you important information about your speed, number of km until you need to find fuel and many others. Thanks to that the dashboard Kuga receives a « straight face » instead of « sad face ».

30738273_10213746273322509_6620141231458484224_n (1)-01

Worth mentioning the nomad key and the start-stop button, both making your life easier. You can also connect your phone through Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to personalize your driving hours.


You can adjust your steering wheel in-and-out and up-and-down steering along with a height-adjustable seat so no matter your height you will always have a great visibility.

Is this car spacious?

One of my favorite thing about the interior of Ford Kuga is the cubbyhole which works both as armrest and storage. You can also keep your phone in that place since the USB sockets are placed there.


There is plenty of space for 4 passengers and the 456-liter boot can grow up to 1603 liters if you fold the rear seats. Enough space for shopping bags, huh? 🙂

Honestly, I don’t like very spacious cars, I prefer to have everything on my reach so I would go for a car that has many cubbyholes and spacious door bins. Ford Kuga has the exact amount of space with which I’m comfortable.

So ladies, if you search for a car that is very safe and also offers you a great perspective of the road without stealing the show, Ford Kuga is one of the correct answers.






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