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Alfa Romeo Giulia, una bella poesia

You’re 15 and your crush sends you the first goodnight beep on your mobile phone. Do you remember how it felt like?


If you don’t know the feeling there can only be two reasons:

  • you didn’t use beeps in your youth to communicate so you are too young to read this article;
  • if you have an appropriate age, perhaps you were too ugly as a teen.

Going back to the feeling, the Alfa Romeo Giulia brought it back into my life. Being behind the wheel of such an impressive car is so intense that I must say that it might be TOO intense for a woman. Although I love powerful cars, I don’t think I could use one on a daily basis. It’s like going to see a strip show on the 8th of March. You watch it once a year, you get all wow but that’s all. The next day you get back to your life.

You can find below my review (please ignore my groupie attitude).

Is this car beautiful?

If you want to dress to impress you should be seen getting out of this car. You won’t look innocent, you won’t look slutty. You’ll be the it girl. This car is so beautiful that even if you have a bad hair day you would still look amazing driving it.

Alfa Romeo Giulia is to me what a goddess would look like if she chose to be a car. I absolutely love both the front and back of the car and this doesn’t happen very often because I’m very picky.

The beauty of this car is emphasized by its curves, which seem to be crafted by the most skilled craftsman in the world. Everything is in a perfect harmony of taste and elegance. So simple, so beautiful, such a royal appearance in Misano Blue Metallic.

Alfa Romeo Giulia isn’t beautiful only on the outside but also on the inside. Its elegant layout is accentuated by materials like aluminium or carbon fiber.

Is this a safe car?

I always thought that a car should be more or less an SUV to be trustworthy. But this car somehow managed to provide me with confidence. However, are you sure this car is safe with you behind the steering wheel? Are you able to master those 280 hp?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave to Alfa Romeo Giulia the highest possible ratings and name it a 2018 Top Safety Pick. There is nothing more to say.

You won’t find here details regarding the number of airbags or sensors but you must know that available safety featured include automatic highway beams, adaptive cruise control with full-stop capabilities, front parking sensors, lane departure warning, forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert.

The Alfa I tested didn’t have a rear or front camera. Only rear sensors. This might be a turn off for a woman when it comes to parking. You wouldn’t want to scratch this beauty’s Misano Blue. Literally, I think I would cry and eat an entire chocolate in a heartbeat if I would scratch this car.

Is this car easy to drive?

Many test drivers made the same remark: the steering response is very precise. So when you want to turn right, you just make a delicate move. This reminds me of how grateful we should be to the continuous innovation in the automotive industry. Many years ago I drove a car that didn’t have power steering and it was such an exciting 2 in 1 experience that I wouldn’t want to live again…both driving and gym session. I am thrilled that nowadays steering wheels are so effortlessly responsive.

It’s very easy to give into the temptation of hitting the throttle, the symphony under the car hood is a piece of art with which your ears will fall blindly in love with at each and every speed momentum. The Alfa Romeo Giulia is pure verve and if you love being both elegant and sporty this luxurious car will be your coup de cœur.

The brake system is very strong and the suspensions really do their job of (let’s say) keeping your earings in their place even if you hit a pothole. Be it between us, women, we have an incredible attraction to potholes so yeah, good suspensions should be something to take into consideration when choosing a car.

The interior is really to my taste: S I M P L E. As I wrote in other articles, I’m a dummy when it comes to having lots of buttons around me. I just can’t drive a car that brings chaos in my mind. It’s enough that I’m focusing on driving the car. And I bet many women agree, wink wink.

So, the Alfa Romeo Giulia has an 8.8-inch widescreen display positioned in a great place (for me) on the dashboard, with no buttons around it. Big font and information structured in a very simple way (folders). Apple Carplay and Android Auto are available so that you can stay connected to your phone.

You can control the information on the display by playing with the rotary pad. It makes your life super easy because you control (almost) everything with four different moves.

Last but not least, because for us, women, it is very important, the visibility is enhanced by Bi-Xenon Headlamps with signature LED daytime running lamps.

Is this car spacious?

No. And it shouldn’t be. If you want one to grab your kids from school and do the groceries you should consider an MPV.

This one is a mistress in the world of cars. It won’t offer you a mommy forehead goodnight kiss but a mysterious incursion in testing your adrenaline levels.

Although I don’t think Alfa Romeo Giulia is a 100% lady friendly car, I do must say that it is a very good choice for women who seek something to boost their inner confidence. I know a pair of new boobs is cheaper but hey, should we look at money when it comes to our happiness? I’ll let you think about it until next time 🙂

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2018 test drive courtesy of E.


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