Ladies in automotive: Marie Lizak

My series of interviews with ladies in automotive continues with Marie’s story. Her answers made me discover a charming and enthusiast young lady who is genuinely passionate about cars and represents the new generation of female bloggers behind the wheel.

This is a great read, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Hi, please tell us a few words about you!

I’m Marie, a 22 years old car journalist, who currently works for a French automotive magazine called Auto-Moto, but I also have my own website called Une Fille Au Volant. I created it four years ago when I was still a journalism student, and it actually helped me a lot when I was looking for internships and jobs. My website is entirely dedicated to cars, with a lot of news about new models but I also try to do some test drives as much as I can, even if it can be difficult because of my very busy schedule.


Why did you choose the automotive industry?

I chose the automotive industry because I’m really really crazy about cars. I think. I can really say that I’m a true petrolhead! Actually, my dad is a truck mechanic and he owns his own garage, where I spent all my free time since I was young. It would have been impossible to choose another field to work in!

Did you encounter any difficulties to work in this industry?

Globally, I didn’t encounter big difficulties with men, but I had some problem with some criticizing my writing style and prevented me from writing on their website anymore. I didn’t know if it was true or if they had a problem with me, so I just stopped working with them. The most difficult part was to find a job in car journalism, since it’s a very closed profession, with only a few jobs available.

Which are your top 3 favorite cars (all time)?

First (and not really objectively), I will say the Classic Mini. I’ve been owning one for a few years now and it’s actually the best car ever! It’s not easy to drive because of the lack of power steering but it’s so fun and it’s like a social network in real life, people come to talk to you and ask you to take a picture of them in front of her, it’s just so cool!
My second favorite car would be the Peugeot 308 GTi. I tried it numerous times and I’m always surprised by its ability to stay stuck on the road, even at high speed. Esthetically, she’s elegant and very sporty, without being too aggressive.


Last but not least, I’d put the Tesla Model S P100D in the third position, even if I’d never buy it because of the lack of autonomy. The power and torque are just so impressive, and it feels like you’re in a roller-coaster just by pushing the accelerator pedal. I also love the futuristic atmosphere she releases when you step inside.

Name three cars that you think are suitable for women. (please also tell us why)

For me, every car is suitable for a woman, since we all have two eyes and two legs, so we’re able to drive the same car as men, there’s no difference. It’s true that city cars are chosen by girls for their small size and their storages but I’m pretty sure that a lot of them would also love to drive a classic Porsche 911 or a very sporty car, and would be able to do so.

Automatic or manual gearbox? Why?

Arg… difficult choice. I’d say automatic for my daily driver because it’s really helpful when you’re stuck in traffic jams. But I’d rather drive a manual if I had a sports car because you can really drive it the way you want and feel it better. But honestly, my own daily driver is a manual… 😉

What shouldn’t miss from a woman’s car?

I think every woman should have a phone charger, that’s the most important thing for me!.


Do you think there is misogyny in traffic?

Of course, there is, and more generally when you’re a woman in a man’s world..I had an experience with a driving instructor during a test drive telling me that I shouldn’t drive too fast on the track because the car was too powerful. One of my male colleagues drove with the same instructor and had the right to do whatever he wanted, without any speed restriction. I didn’t know what to think, but it looks like misogyny…

What would you tell to a woman that is afraid to drive?

Go ahead, the only limit is you girl! More seriously, driving is really important when you need some independence.. And it can give you so much freedom and good feelings! At first, I was terrible at driving, and sometimes, really afraid too but with some time and practice, fear generally goes away and the pleasure comes right after. Don’t be afraid, everything will be fine 😉


Please inspire lady drivers 🙂

«Never underestimate the therapeutic power of driving and listening to very loud music».

Driving is my best medicine when I feel upset or down, but it’s also a mood booster when I already feel good!
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