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Mondial de l’Auto 2018: the feminine perspective

I still remember the way I felt when I stepped into a Haribo store for the first time. The same as I felt when I started the tour of Mondial de l’Auto Paris 2018. Except that the gummy bears were now cars and the smell of Candyland was of a new car.

I arrived at Porte de Versailles at mid-day, when the atmosphere was relaxed: few people, great chances to fully take advantage of regarding the new metal of the show. I started my tour in Pavilion 1 where the French automotive brands dominated the view. Since my arrival it took me only 10 minutes to decide I’m hungry.

Actually, I was craving for a pain au chocolat (no, I’m not pregnant again) so as a true petrolhead, eager to see the new cars, I took a place in line at Paul and waited to buy food. 5 minutes later, with a small bag full of pastry, I was looking around for a dedicated place to eat. I didn’t find it. Nobody was eating while standing but that didn’t stop me from enjoying my bag full of goodies in front of a random LCD, watching a video about autonomous cars. I was absorbed by the information, I can’t remember the name of the company (not an automotive brand) but I do remember that I said to myself that we will soon live like the Jetsons. Anyway, the people who put that screen there should thank me, because everybody who was crossing in front of me was curious about the video. Such an awesome marketing strategy for any brand. You just put somebody (in a crowded place) to look at what you want to promote. People are too curious to ignore a person who is focused on something.

After I finished eating I continued my tour. My first stop was at the Hyundai stand and I watched for several minutes how this car was spinning over and over and over again. Mesmerizing.

One of my favorite models from Hyundai is the KONA and I wanted to see if anything else could take its place in my heart. I know, you all placed your bets on the Electric KONA and you were right😍 I can’t wait to drive it. I also spotted the Nexo model which seems pretty cool!

Next, I thought I should start the tour over again because when I’m hungry I can’t focus. So I went back to the biggest stands from Pavilion 1: Citroën, Peugeot and Renault. Under the same roof I also took my time to see the metal DS, KIA and Suzuki exposed this year. And got stunned by Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Lotus. I continued my visit in Pavilion 5.1 where I saw what BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover, Smart, and Tesla brought to the show and in Pavilion 4 which hosted the Audi, Skoda, Porsche, Lexus, and Toyota stands.

My mission at this event was to take a closer look at the cars that ladies would appreciate in their lives. So, in this article, you won’t find details regarding every stand or world premiers because this is not its purpose. For example, you won’t find in my list BMW and Mercedes Benz. Yes, they are both great brands, their cars are awesome but none of the models exposed inspired me to click with it. For me, they all just look the same. They may have great options but I just couldn’t make the difference between the cars exposed, I was so confused that I abandoned the idea of writing about them.
So, you can find below my perspective on the best cars for women from Mondial de l’Auto 2018🚥


The DS cars shine bright like diamonds! Literally, if you take a closer look at their headlights you’ll see that they look alike diamonds. Such a lovely design, such inspiring details. Now, these are the things I think a car for women should have: pretty details that bring all the glam under the same rooftop. I had chemistry with two cars exposed: the old school DS3 and their newest model, DS3 Crossback.

The DS3 has such a girly attitude, I think it’s just perfect for young urban women who are very active and don’t need much space in the car for fitting in kids, groceries, and co.

The DS3 Crossback is oficially my favorite car from Mondial de l’Auto 2018 (it does not dethrone the Peugeot e-Legend which is my dream-concept car). Seriously, it has everything I search at a car. It’s beautiful on the outside and on the inside, it’s medium sized, the trunk is big enough and has a wow design twist: a small glass in front of the steering wheel on which things are projected, such as the speed (I guess)

I can hardly wait to take the DS3 Crossback on a road trip to see all the features that make this car seem to be the perfect fit for a lady. Ladies, don’t rush into a DS store to buy it, it’s not available yet. We shall all wait in line for March 2019 to come.


At their stand I discovered the Citroën C3 Fashion, limited edition of only 99 exemplars, such a beautiful definition of a car suitable for women. Both unique and fashionable. I loved its design!

Here I also discovered Citroën C3 Elle – that name clearly brings this car in the attention of women. Also a beautiful and comfortable car.


Such a great stand (one of my favorites) with so many beautiful models brought at the show! This year they also exposed an automotive piece of art from my point of view, which was the center of attention of the Mondial l’Auto 2018: the Peugeot e-Legend. This car hypnotized me. It brings together the nostalgy of the past and the innovation of the future under the same rooftop, together creating a time lasting masterpiece. I’m so glad I had the chance to be so close to it.

I’m currently working on an article about Peugeot cars from Mondial de l’Auto. Stay tunned😊.


The wow car from the stand comes from the future…

Among the exposed models I want to put the spotlight on the Zoe and Captur models. I think both are suitable for women who search for an urban car, easy to park and drive during rush hours.


Here are two options of suitable cars for women: the small version and the medium sized one 🙂 the Kia Picanto and the Kia Stonic. Will come back with a dedicated article about KIAs presence at Mondial de l’Auto.


Ladies, winter is coming. You’ll need a strong companion to face the wind and heavy snow, let’s say the Suzuki Jimny. It seems to be the right parter for bad weather and I can’t wait to test it. You can spot it in the video below:

I also love the Suzuki Swift Sport – I just spent a weekend in its company and it was brilliant. I’m currently working on a material about my experience.

The Bugatti Lego

It reaches the maximum speed of 20 km/h, a perfect fit for a lady who is afraid of driving sports cars! :))

The Audi A1

As I was walking by the Audi stand, this car made me stop. It has that quelque chose that a woman appreciates when it comes to a car: rare beauty.

Bonus, I also saw this at the Audi stand #itswhitenoise:

Smart cars

Cute! They look like toys! Smart cars are also a perfect fit for urban young women!

The Lexus RC300h

In this Lexus I can imagine a top businesswoman, heading to an important meeting. She is strong, ambitious, her hair and makeup are perfect and her outfit has no flaws 💕

So these are my picks for women from Mondial l’Auto 2018. I’m so happy I had this experience, I can say that I literally touched innovation at this event.

Can’t wait for the next automotive events!

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