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[EN]The DS7 Crossback. I tested the little black dress of the automotive industry.

When the DS 7 Crossback has been launched, I said I would never write about it on my blog because back then I didn’t think that was a suitable car for a woman. But I changed my mind. Yes, I can do that, ladies are well known for their versatilities when it comes to decisions. Especially when they are speaking about clothes and accessories. And today about cars:).
After speaking with a number of women who drive I understood that I was following the same cliché in my articles: a suitable car for a woman must be small or middle-sized and offer a great visibility of the road. As I’m growing old, I tend to stick to an idea and become the kind of person that says that the shortest road is the one you know. Where is the rebel spirit, the endless adventure, the « I don’t know where I’m heading to but it feels good and right »? I know, stuck in my twenties! :))
Anyway, to get to the point, I understood that there is no such thing as a suitable car for women. We can drive either a small car or a VAN, the most important thing when it comes to deciding which car is the best for you is to put in balance the reasons for which you buy it. For instance, I find the DS7 a great car for a woman who has kids but also has a business career. She can take the children to/from school, fill the trunk with fresh vegetables for an awesome soup and other goodies but also go to important meetings with this elegant car. Whether you want to accept it or not, the car is really important when you go to a business meeting, people do treat you differently according to your car and overall appearance. But you already know that. So, if you are a career oriented lady but also a mom, I would recommend you the DS7 Crossback.
You can find below some details about the car, that I think they are of interest for a lady.

The interior of the DS 7 Crossback I tested was just WOW. Very elegant and classy, the automotive version of the little black dress. Please step inside:

The digital screen placed in front of the steering wheel successfully replaces the already old-fashioned, clock shaped tachometer and accelerometer. From my point of view, it displays a right amount of information, easy to read and follow. For example, two of the most important things you need to know while driving are the speed and position towards your destination. They are both placed in strategic places so that I found it very easy to stay updated while being focused on driving. Although I changed my mind regarding the type of suitable cars for women, I remain loyal to my preference regarding car screens and dashboards: simplicity is the best!
The dashboard’s design follows the elegant line of this car, the display incorporates a stunning touchscreen technology which brings in front of your eyes shades of black, gold and diamond shapes here and there. Watch the video below to see a demonstration of how things work in this area of the car:
But what about the space? The DS 7 is a great choice if you are looking to buy a spacious car.< The interior is big enough to shelter kids, bags, groceries, even dogs:) Here I must mention that the trunk is also very big- 555l (I know, it’s difficult to imagine HOW big is a 555 l trunk so here’s a photo):


And if you need even more space, you can fold the rear seats by just pushing a button.
This one is not about the space but comfort. The car seats feature A MASSAGE FUNCTION. I had to write this in all caps. If you see somebody staying for too long in a DS7 Crossback. . . now you know why.
The details are impressive, everything has been placed where it should be in my dream car. Of course, this is a personal opinion, but if you don’t agree with me I would definitely try to convince you that I’m right:D
Moving forward, I must tell you that autumn is one of my favorite periods of the year, I absolutely love the shades of color that nature majestuosly paints on the trees so I decided to photograph the DS7 a place where nature is best known for its magic: the forest:




You can find more pictures in the slideshow below:

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Even though I find the size of the DS7 impressive, behind its wheel I didn’t feel that I was driving a big car. The steering wheel is relatively small and easy to use, almost too easy… My overall opinion is that is hard to believe that this big car is so easy to drive. But it’s true. Go on, book a test drive and tell me if you share my thoughts.
The DS7 is mesmerizing to watch while on the road.It glides effortlessly between the lanes and makes you feel super in control of everything (I’m referring to driving, of course).
Another nice feature of the DS7 is that it allows you to personalize your driving mode- you have the opportunity to switch between four driving styles: Sport, Confort, Normal, and Eco.
We got to the DS7 and its exterior look chapter… first of all, I think the black color on a car instantly adds some glam. The rest…is just stunning. If you read my coverage of the Mondial de l’Auto you already know that I’m a huge DS cars fan. The design is one of the things that really matter to women when it comes to cars. And this brand knows how to make its way to ladies hearts. From diamond-shaped headlights to stunning, luxurious curves, the DS7 is like a precious gem in the automotive world. This SUV is bringing together the aristocracy of an elegant car with the dynamism of a reliable road partner. An example of What a perfect automotive creation!


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