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Tesla Model X – the perfect family car

I’m drinking my afternoon coffee at a terrace, taking short glimpses at the divine lake that lays between me and Italy’s rocky mountains. It’s been a while since I had a me-moment. Mothers understand me. I’m feeling a little bit uncomfortable because I’m not used anymore to ‘melt’ in a chair for hours, sipping from a glass of juice from time to time.

I’m thinking about random moments from my life and I’m grateful for whom I’ve become in the last years and what I’m building under the brand Arcticswan. I never thought I will be behind the steering wheel of amazing cars and I never thought that I will have the opportunity to drive Tesla cars. Last summer I drove the Model S P100D and this year I had the chance to travel in the Model X to beautiful, sunny and forever romantic Italy.





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I know many of you won’t finish this article, after the first two paragraphs people usually find something better to do – and that’s why I’m going to write briefly the most important things I think you must know about this car. If you are interested in finding out details just continue reading:)

  • Tesla Model X = travel at business class;
  • Charged 2 times, France-Northern Italy;
  • Stole the show. People were taking photos and videos of the doors opening;
  • Easy to drive although it’s a big and heavy car;
  • Best family car for a road trip.

It was a rainy Thursday when I arrived at Tesla Luxembourg. Rain may be depressing but I was the happiest person on the street. I was going to test another Tesla and I was looking forward to discovering it in detail. I wasn’t panicked, I did sleep well the other night and I was more curious than anxious.

At first sight, the Tesla Model X seemed bigger than I thought it was. But it makes sense since inside of it you feel like in a 5-star business class bus (we’ll get there later). There are many cars that look big on the outside but somehow don’t seem to have enough interior space. Do you agree?

As Coco Chanel said, ‘Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.’

There’s no better way to describe the amazing design of this Tesla Model X. In my opinion, big cars can look aggressive sometimes but I would compare this one with a summer sunrise or a romantic love song. There’s something artistic about it that I can’t really express in words.
The front of the car is not really different from the other models, the headlights and the logo have well-known shapes.

Starting with the rear doors, magic comes into sight. The Falcon Wings can be opened in three ways: by pushing on the exterior handle, on a button placed on the inside part and on a touchscreen button available on the big tablet from the dashboard.

These doors stoled the show everywhere we went.

People were taking photos and videos, there was always a little crowd gathered around the car when we parked and got out/in the car.

So if you want to feel like a famous public figure, just buy a Model X!

It is really a delight to see these doors opening and closing. I can go further and say that it’s a relaxing experience. The subtle noise they make when they are in the air in their majestic flight, the symmetric moves and the way they just perfectly close can be an experience that can comfort even the most critic people. They also enhance the access to back rows and they are designed to open even in the tightest parking spaces – they are equipped with sensors that measure the surroundings.

There is nothing ordinary about this car, even when speaking of unlocking and locking it. The key looks like a Tesla in miniature, it’s the same as the one I had last year for the Model S. The cuteness of this key is just breathtaking!

Step into the future

I would really like to describe to you the interior of this car with a comparison but I just can’t find the right one. Because it would be a combination of a high-speed train, a VIP lounge and a business class section from an airplane.

The car seats are extremely comfortable and although people might say that white wouldn’t be the first color they would choose when it comes to the car interior let me tell you that they don’t actually get dirty as you may presume.

On the dashboard, you can find the digital screen behind the steering wheel which shows you all sort of information, depending on what you are interested in – I’m completely in love with the graphics of the navigation! The 17-inch, huge tablet, my BFF, which contains loads of interesting information and options.

For example, take a look at how I can control the doors:

I found the steering wheel a little bit too robust for my tastes but the Model X is entitled to have it since it’s an SUV with a heavy presence on the road.

Between the car seats, you can find some storage space and also cup holders and the armrests are really comfortable.

In the rear part of the car, you’ll find 4 individual seats – we folded 2 of them to benefit from the enormous boot space this car offers (2,500 L). Our luggage was happy. For a 3-day road trip, women can decide to pack the whole house and this is THE PERFECT CAR for this kind of situations.

No more discussions with the husband in the parking while both of you try to squeeze in the bags and the children ask for your attention, no more assumptions about the spot in which a certain bag you need might be, no more fear in your soul when you open the trunk and you expect your baggage to overthrow, waterfall style.

The Tesla Model X has enough room for your bags and this, together with the high level of comfort makes it the perfect car for a family road trip. I also want to mention that between the rear seats there is space you can use for ready to hand stuff like laptop,
purse, toys or little snacks.

Usually, when we go on road trips I’m surrounded by all sort of things we
imperatively need – I’m always working on improving and organizing this aspect but each time I reach the conclusion that we actually need all those things I bring with me in the rear.

The space between the car seats in the Model X is such a delight, I could just put there all the stuff we needed to have at hand and just relax in my comfortable seat 🙂

The fastest, safest and comfortable SUV

Driving this car is an outstanding experience. Everything becomes effortless behind the steering wheel of the Tesla Model X.

Although it’s a heavy car (weights over 2 tonnes), it glides with an outstanding elegance between the lanes and reaches 100km/h in just 2.7 seconds. This car doesn’t disappoint you when you hit the throttle!

It also has the highest safety rating ever and the battery range is really good for such a big and heavy car. For an approx 600km trip we stopped twice to charge it.

The really cool thing is that the car tells you where and when to stop. Basically, it makes its traject taking into account also the autonomy of the battery. Now don’t you think that you make detours to charge the car, there are plenty of charging stations right on the way to your destination.

I love the idea of these little breaks (no more than an hour) – besides the fact that you sometimes get to be in places in which you’ve never thought to visit, you have some time to enjoy a coffee – I noticed that usually the charging stations are placed in hotel parking.

We had an awesome time with this Model X – driving it on a long-distance road convinced us that this is the car a family needs for their road trips.

Although I’m no into big cars – when I say this I’m referring to those Mini Vans suitable for big families (my husband is trying to manipulate me into taking into consideration this kind of cars because their practicality) the Tesla Model X is the only big car I would actually buy. It’s beautiful, it’s safe, it had plenty of room for kids and luggage and it offers a great driving experience.

So dear husband, I think it’s time to begin saving money! 😀

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