My series of interviews with women in automotive continues with an awesome material created in collaboration with one of the ladies I admire a lot!

She has a reputable experience in the industry and it’s an honor to have her featured in my magazine.

Here is my interview with Miriam Eisenmenger, Group Marketing Manager at Losch Luxembourg:

You are a successful woman in automotive. What’s your perspective on the highly debated subject of ladies in this men’s world?

There’s no questioning the automotive industry has been dominated by men, but women have also always been part of it and have taken a significant role. Many women in the past and also today had a leading role in the car industry. For example, did you know that it was a woman that drove the first long distance in a car and initiated the first car sales? (I am not mentioning the brand 😊) and nowadays there are many female CEO’s running car manufacturers and suppliers. Anyhow, my personal conviction is that we shouldn’t think in genders. The car Industry is about passion and people and for me there’s no difference in these with men or women.

You work for over 10 years now at Losch Luxembourg and I’m sure you have some great memories related to your workplace. Can you share with us the most remarkable ones?

Stunning Cars, exciting roadtrips, the most beautiful products within car industry, interesting people from all over the world within the Volkswagen Family, all that I have seen and experienced. But what marked me the most is the team spirit and dynamism I have seen those last two -three years since we transformed the company into Losch Luxembourg. I’m very proud to have been part of this transformational change and bring a new Losch Luxembourg to live. We are living in exciting times full of challenges, car industry is changing, marketing is changing and I am sure there will be new exciting stories ahead. The chapter isn’t closed, so ask me again in a few years.

If you would have to translate « 2.981 cm3, 6 cylinders, biturbo », to a person who doesn’t know anything about cars, how would you do it?

Very simple – put the person right into the car and have them experience the car and the power for themselves.

Shoes behind the wheel: which car models do you prefer?

Well, that’s a difficult one. Having a look at the large portfolio that we offer… I won’t reveal what car I personally drive, but if you ask me for my preferences, I would say that depending on my mood and needs I have different preferences. With these temperatures that we are experiencing right now, driving home in a cabriolet is pure fun and summer feeling. For weekend trips with friends and family I prefer the iconic van, in winter I like to have four wheel drive…

We are in front of your dream garage and you open the door. What do we see inside?

From historic cars to the latest editions, everything the car girl desires… Do I have to limit myself again to one model?

In your opinion, which are the must-have options in a car?

Thank goodness technology is so advanced and most of the current cars are already well equipped with devices that help steer, brake, see, change lanes and avoid collision etc. I am in favor with anything that makes driving safer, more comfortable and more efficient.

What’s the thing you like the least when it comes to driving?

The thing all car drivers don’t like is traffic jam! Especially here in Luxembourg it is a nightmare to everyone, be it a commuter from Germany, Belgium or France or the Luxemburgish city dweller… it spares no one, especially during peak hours of the day.

Roadtrip idea: Suggest an unboring road to a stunning destination.

One of my favorite road trips within Europe was the Audi land of quattro Alps tour in 2012 that went over the Alps right to Nice in the South of France. Behind the wheel of a powerful RSQ3 we experienced the beauty of different alpine passes, very winding roads, picturesque villages in Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France. And as a cherry on top of the cake we could drive the famous Col de Tourini in the Urquattro. I am happy to share the exact itinerary and addresses with everyone that is interested.

What car would you recommend to:

– a mother;
– a young lady that just took her driver’s licence;
– a business woman;
– an eldery lady.

I don’t like to think in stereotypes and for giving a useful advice, we need to know more about the people buying the cars than just “being a mother”. How many kilometers does she drive, is she a mother of just one ore more? Is she a sporty driver? Our salesmen are well trained and know best what to suggest. I invite everyone to come, have a look for themselves and of course get into the car and experience the products.

Inspirational quote time: tell us something that would motivate anybody who’s afraid of driving.

Driving is a journey. Go explore, adventure, discover. Travel as much as you can, as far as you can. Life is not meant to be lived in one place. Enjoy the ride and let’s drive dreams!

Hope you enjoyed the interview and stay tuned for other feminine automotive opinions:)

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