Volkswagen T-Cross: how to walk in the city with high-heels without getting tired

I think no car blogger or journalist forgets the first car launch they ever attended. In my case, the car that will always have its special place in my heart is the Volkswagen T-CROSS. This year, in May, I took part in its launch event in Luxembourg, at the Losch &Cie Garage in Junglister. If you follow me on Instagram you definitely saw the stories I posted during my visit there. A couple of months later, a Makena Turquoise Metallic Signature VW T-CROSS was expecting me at Losch Luxembourg.

I was intrigued, I was curious.

How it was going to be to drive the smallest VW SUV? Will I feel unsafe on the highway? Will I manage to get out of the traffic jam without new wrinkles around my eyes (you know, when you pray to have enough space to drive through a narrow place and you concentrate also with the eyes)? And the most important thing: Will it be as responsive as I want it to be when I hit the throttle?


First impression when I saw it: I love the color, I love its design, I love the rear LED taillight.
First impression when I climbed in it: did we already meet in another life?
First impression when I began to drive it: are you Tiguan’s small brother or the one of a rocket?

Now that you are aware of my first impressions, let’s jump into some details.


The interior

Classic. This is the right word. Nothing brilliant, nothing futuristic, nothing from the series what does this button do?
When I climbed in this car I had the impression I’ve already been in it. Of course, I’ve already been in it, at its launch, but this is not what I’m talking about.
I had that familiar feeling, you know – the kind of feeling you may have been experienced by now – when you meet someone new but you feel you have already met. It is true that my father loves the VW brand and I grew up surrounded by Volkswagens – maybe that’s why it felt so natural to be in this car and I could start driving it without making a deep analyze of the buttons, touchscreen, etc. You know, things you (I) do when you climb in a new car.
I don’t know how the people who built this car managed to make such a smooth transition towards smart technologies by keeping the signature interior so well preserved. I think this is one of the things that people appreciate when it comes to Volkswagen cars. They are …how can I say…like a dress or suit made to measure! And although the measures are so different, it always fits!

Two screens, both digital, will keep you company behind the wheel.

The one behind the steering wheel displays the tachometer, accelerometer, and different information regarding the driving. In its far left and right you will find the fuel consumption indicator and the engine heat level. I enjoyed the fact that I could actually touch the screen….No, this doesn’t sound right. Let me put it this way. I never had the curiosity of touching the digital screen placed behind the steering wheel. But this car made me want to do that. And I thought about how would it be if the two digital clocks were -touchscreen- then one could control the speed of the car. I wonder how many people could actually make their trip smooth! And who holds the steering wheel:D

The LCD touch screen has basic and simple options. The most important ones are placed on its left and right sides.

The infotainment area is separated from the other controls by two car vents which I personally find to be placed in an ideal place. I don’t really enjoy the air conditioning blowing right in my face and I usually encounter difficulties in finding a good angle for the car vent. I and AC. It’s complicated, we have a love-hate relationship.

Look at this generous spot dedicated to the induction technology. Say bye-bye to cables:)


On the central console, you’ll find the start/stop button, a 12V socket and, of course, the automated gear lever, which is as classic as you can imagine.

Further on, you’ll find some cup holders and surprise, a classic handbrake! I kind of got used to electric brakes and I wasn’t expecting to find in this car something different. This is actually a good thing for me. Honestly, I never tried to use the electric brake when starting a car on a steep road. For me, it’s more natural to use the handbrake+acceleration. Yeah, old fashioned, I know.
In the glove compartment, you’ll find a CD player and two SD card sockets. This is the first time I see that and I find it interesting. Why do you think they’ve hidden them there?!
Regarding the space in the interior, my expectations were overcome. I thought that it will be less room but I was wrong. There’s a pretty nice volume inside. For both front and rear passengers.
Also, the boot doesn’t disappoint. This may be the smallest VW SUV but it’s definitely a car that would join you without fear in a road trip. So pack your bags, there’s plenty of room for them in the T-Cross!

How’s the driving part?

As easy as a Sunday morning:) The T-Cross is a wonderful road partner, making your driving simple, safe and fast! It’s a very agile, dynamic and responsive car.
The VW T-Cross is equipped with innovative technology that will allow you to focus on the driving experiences and adventures. Here what the safety pack looks like:
-lane assist;
-high beam assist;
-blind spot sensor;
-parking distance control;
-ACC adaptive cruise control.

The exterior

Oh, this color!! I kept my fingers crossed to receive the car in this pretty dress!
I think it brings color to mostly black, blue and grey traffic.
I’m not going to talk about the shapes, headlights, etc, I’ll just leave some photos here, I think you’d rather want to see the headlights, for example, than reading a creative description.
The idea of combining the city car advantages with the benefits of an SUV is brilliant. The VW T-Cross is an answer to “how to stay safe in a traffic jam“. I think many people were waiting for a VW urban SUV. Those people are happy now:)

In the city or on the highway, the VW T-Cross rocks the road like a pro! #MoreThan1Thing