Seat Arona: a sparkling flamenco on four wheels

Arona is a municipality in the southern part of the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. The municipality covers an area of 81.79 square kilometers comprising 4% of the island’s area. The town Arona is 59 km southwest from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the island’s capital(Wikipedia). Welcome to Arcticswan’s exclusive travel blog!
(just joking).

Seat has a long-standing tradition in naming its models after destinations in Spain. And this small SUV is called Arona, just like the place I was telling you about above. Find out more below why I think the Arona is a sparkling flamenco on four wheels:)

If you are looking for an affordable yet modern urban car, search no further.

This Seat Arona will surprise you in a very good way although at a first glance you will say it has a pretty basic interior, especially in the first 2 trim levels.

The materials are not quite high end but just wait to put your hands on that steering wheel and drive this « caro« . You’ll forget about its interior looks. It’s just like pregnancy and giving birth. In the first months after you’ve been through this, you say you will never again do it. And after a while, when you see furry baby bodies for 1 month-year-old you say « aww » and just forget everything all the pain and sleepless nights. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I just compared the driving experience of the Seat Arona with a furry baby body for 1-month-old. But let’s not turn this article into motherhood related one. Because I could easily do it without even noticing.

So, what I was trying to tell you about the driving is that I literally fell in love with the way this car glides on the road. It’s such a playful driving experience!

The Arona is really responsive and gives you the wish of driving it in a sporty way.

Speaking about this, I was also surprised by the fuel consumption. My objective wasn’t an ECO drive but somehow it was, although I didn’t put myself any restrictions when it came to consumption. So the Seat Arona can be your penny-pinching sporty drive:) just in case you were wondering, I drove the 1.6 l 70 kW Diesel version.

The 2019 Seat Arona obtained 5 stars at the EURo Ncap’s evaluation so when it comes to safety, you can trust this car.

The Arona doesn’t disappoint when it comes to visibility, featuring the newest generation of LED headlights and rear lights. The driving position is also great offering you a very view over traffic.

The price for the Arona starts at 17.200 EUR (www.seat.lu) but there are a lot of options from which to pick from (for example 68 colors) and personalize you Arona according to your tastes.

As I wrote above, the interior doesn’t make you faint of emotion but it offers you what you need in order to have a comfortable drive. Starting with the advantage of full connectivity – you have an induction charging option but also USB sockets.

Although the manual gearbox wasn’t my first choice when I thought about this drive test, now I understand that I wouldn’t have had so much fun driving it in an automated version. The manual hand break also comes in completing the whole sporty driving story.

The infotainment digital screen is placed at reach, making it easy to slide and scroll whatever you might want to.

Regarding space, I found that there are enough leg and headroom in this car. The boot is impressively large and thanks to the advantage of folding the rear seats down you can benefit from 823L. Even the most glam girl can go on vacation for 2 weeks without having to worry about the space for luggage.

Overall, I find the Seat Arona a vibrant and sporty yet affordable urban SUV that offers a great range of options when it comes to personalization. Book a drive test now to see for yourself 😀

Thank you, Losch Luxembourg🙂



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