Skoda Vision iV/Audi AI:CON/ VW ID.3 at Losch Business&Prestige Night

It’s Tuesday evening. I’m driving on the highway. Destination: Losch Luxembourg Business and Prestige Night at Bentley and Lamborghini showroom Luxembourg.


I’m thinking about how people react to changes and how their life experiences influence their perspectives. I’ve been doing this quite a lot since the beginning of the year. 

I believe most people actually skip understanding and analyzing important events that lead to direct consequences in their life adventure.  I believe they just walk straight forward in their rush-hour lives and at one point they ask themselves « When did time pass? » « Am I the old person in the mirror? » « How could I not see this coming?« 

I support inner introspection as often as possible. In order to understand who we become in time and how much our tastes and lifestyle changed over time, it’s absolutely necessary to be connected to ourselves. To analyze, to learn, to reposition. To become a role model for the next generations.

The last 10 years of my life have been a continuous sprint between work and home. And at one point everything changed at 180°. Just like that. That was a moment I became aware of some things that I should have analyzed a long time ago. I looked back and I asked myself « Did 10 years just pass without even noticing? » « Did some wrinkles appear in the corners of my eyes? » Did my hair got thinner? » » Do I prefer to sleep than go clubbing? » The answer is yes. At all the questions above. So I decided to never again go through my life blindfolded. I decided to see which are the things that affect my existence and which are the means through which I can evolve in order to become the best version of myself.

I sometimes feel it’s too late to be a « young » entrepreneur. That people in their 30s already reached their peak. Instead of ignoring this because it’s a sensitive subject and it’s easier not to think about your fears, I’ve decided to face it.  Am I afraid of change? Am I taking all this too hard? My conclusion is not as depressing as some of you probably found the text above. I think that the future is as bright as the headlights of the concept cars you’ll see below. That change is the best thing that can happen. It challenges our feelings. And they make us feel ALIVE.

Are you afraid of change?

Take for example the Audi AI:CON below. This is a concept car. An autonomous car. No steering wheel. No pedals. Just seats. Would you trust it won’t take you somewhere you don’t wanna go? Do you have the courage and force to change your mindset and embrace this different driving experience? Just look at it. So simple and beautiful. Classy. So futuristic.

Taking a step back towards our reality, look at this Skoda Vision iV, the first vehicle to be based on Volkswagen Group’s MEB modular electric car platform.

I love the color, Ultra Yellow – a multi-layered paint finish that contains organic gold pigments to create the effect of different shades. I love its lines, I find it feminine yet robust. Such a warm welcome into the e-future.

In the transition towards e-mobility even sports cars now have electric models. Like the new Porsche Taycan (you can find more information about it here).

The Volkswagen ID.3 is a compact electric car produced by Volkswagen based on the MEB platform and the first model of the I.D. Series Volkswagen. I’m excited to be able to have a closer look. The first time I saw it I flew to Berlin to participate in the prebooking press event, at the invitation of Losch Luxembourg.

At this event, I could also have a look at the Golf 8, the Volkswagen Multivan, the Cupra Ateca (which I already know by heart since it was the car that accompanied me in the snowy mountains of Austria – article about the experience is scheduled to appear this week).

I also took a closer look at a Bentley. The Flying Spur W12. My husband gave me the silent treatment when he found out I climbed in a Bentley. Never in my life, I thought I would do that but here’s my favorite cliché: »never say ever« 🙂

All important transitions in the automobile world have been smooth. Both history and present confirm that. Manufacturers now also propose electric options for their models. The path towards e-mobility and autonomous cars is now embraced by innovative technology that changes the world right now, with the speed of light. How do you feel about this? Personally, I feel lucky to document and be part of this transition into the e-future. Carpe diem!