Cupra Ateca: the genuine elegant bad boy

I only have one favorite winter song (this one), I’m the Grinch of Christmas Carols. If I could, I would sing rock and roll carols at my electric guitar, although I’m not that good at it. I often question myself if it’s worth to give up long nails in favor of my guitar classes.

As you can probably already tell, I also hate(d) winter. It’s too cold, it’s too complicated to feel comfortable in those fluffy clothes, it’s hard to drive, it’s hard to go shopping while trying to keep all those hats, gloves, scarves together. I often lose them. They go where socks go when they never come back after a journey in the washing machine. I hope they are all happy together wherever they might be. I hope there are people out there reasoning with this. If not, I might be the only one losing socks and winter accessories. Too bad for me. If you have kids it’s twice harder. You officially become a portable winter wardrobe.

After moving to Lorraine, where it rains most of the time and it’s an important event when the sun shows up on the sky during autumn and winter, my feelings about seasons changed. They become milder. Here there’s no snow. It’s not that cold. It just rains often. Often. That’s why I thought it might not be a bad idea of doing something winter and cars related. I was willing and ready to face the harsh snow.

For the love and hate of driving during winter on icy, mountain roads. I thought of doing a lifestyle driving experience in the snow and speak about some important and safety stuff everybody who drives in the cold seasons should know. As I told you above, where I live there’s no snow. Nor mountains. So we went to Austria, in the Tyrol region. Of course, the whole trip was also about going skiing. No, I don’t do ski. I’m more of the kind that sits in a spa with a mountain view and appreciates the landscape. Where is my Prosecco? But my husband and daughter had lots of fun together on the ski parties. And I honestly enjoyed my time alone with the car I had in test for my project. Am I a bad mom for enjoying my time alone? Judging starts in 3,2,1…

Ok, so what about the car?

If you follow me on Instagram and other social media accounts it’s not a mystery that it was the Cupra Ateca.

It’s also not a mystery anymore that I find it to be amazingly versatile when it comes to the driving experience. The first thing I want to tell you about this car is that I honestly didn’t even feel any difference between driving on the highway or on icy and narrow roads.

Isn’t this crazy? Just to make it clear, I was frightened of driving in those conditions. I didn’t think it would be fun and I thought at one point I might start crying if a bigger car would come on the opposite lane on a road I personally find to fit just a car. Also, add a ravine in the landscape. I eventually didn’t cry but for sure my heart skipped some beats on that trip.

The Cupra Ateca has 6 driving modes and I have tried them all, candy style. If you don’t know what candy style is…it means you do something on repeat until you get bored. I just made that up. And for sure I didn’t get bored with the Cupra Ateca because it’s not my car. Anyway, it’s questionable if you can get bored of a sports car. That sound of the engine might just make you forever fall in love. Candy style.

So, the 6 driving modes are Comfort, Sport, Individual, Offroad, Snow and exclusive CUPRA mode.

I found Confort and Individual driving modes great for our 667km trip on the highway and national roads.

For more noise and exquisite horsepower show, the Sport and Cupra mode are the 2 choices you should take into consideration. That’s the moment you turn off the radio and you just listen to the sound of the engine. There no fake noise there. It’s the real deal. Genuine bad boy.

I was impressed by the snow mode. I’m not sure what’s happening on the technical part and what makes the driving to feel so easy on difficult icy roads but I felt safe, confident and for sure I would have had the gots to engage in an overcome. Without crying.

I also tried the Offroad Mode but since my two options were highway or snow, I don’t think I’m entitled to give feedback about it. But I’m sure it does its job as great as the other 5 modes.

So I think I made it clear.

The driving experience is incredible. This car gots your back no matter the weather, road, altitude or season. I know I should add somewhere that it’s 4×4 so I think here is the right place. And the Brembo breaks on Diamond cut 19’’ alloy wheels.

And it really doesn’t give you a heart attack when speaking about consumption. I registered a medium consumption of 9l/100km. Now, I’m not someone to trust 100% when it comes to this but I think that is it’s under 10 it’s good.

What about comfort?

Usually, sportive cars are not that user-friendly. The materials used remind me of the interior of my dad’s car. The one he had in 1993.

The Cupra Ateca is, though, a very comfortable car, with an elegant design. The marriage between two completely different worlds.

Here is a video of the interior:

Therefore, you have 300hp and genuine noise in a comfortable habitat. Can you ask for more? Health, of course.

Take for example the Alcantara bucket seats. They are sportive but yet very comfortable. After 9 hours of driving, I was tired but my back didn’t hurt.

A 10.2’’ LCD screen in your line of vision shows you important driving information and the exclusive CUPRA view allows you to configure extra information on laterals.

The second LCD screen contains lots of interesting information that it’s easily accessible through the touchscreen shortcuts placed on its edge. Here you can also see an advanced 360° of your Cupra Ateca, thanks to the cameras on the front, rear, and exterior mirrors. I think this is a great driving aid, especially when speaking about parking.

Take a look at its interior and central console with all it’s well placed and carefully designed buttons.

I wrote a separate article about the things you need to know if you decide to drive your car in wintertime, I will publish it very soon so stay tuned!

If you’re into technical information and you might want to find out something I didn’t think of writing here feel free to visit 🙂

Special thanks to Losch Luxembourg

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